Friday, 16 November 2012

Zubat - Golbat... plus bonus alternate style!

OMG. It's been way too long. Someone commented about a week ago just to reinforce the fact that I haven't posted in about 5 weeks, so I suppose that makes it 6 weeks now... yikes. Sorry about that. I blame school! I've had quite a bit on my plate the past month and a half or so, between constant midterms, assignments, labs and a trip to California to present my summer research (It was on primary healthcare accessibility, for those interested). I finally got to sit down this week for a couple hours and sketch out the 'bat' dresses! I wasn't super keen on either of them when I first drew them, and even started sketching alternate designs. Ultimately, the first ones were the best I came up with, so they're the ones I'll be showing you today. Towards the end of this post, I'm also going to show you an alternate drawing style, as well as some of the recent 'real' artworks in my Moleskine... so stay tuned. Don't want any of these TL:DR comments...
As with all my pokedresses, click on 'em for a larger view, and please do not copy or reproduce without my permissions :)

So without further ado... Zubat!

Fig 1. Zubat dress

Aight. So I gave Zubat some fringe for wings. When bats sleep, they curl their wings around them, which was sort of the inspiration for the wrap style I've got going on here. In terms of material, I would say velvet would be nice... I feel like it's coming back a little bit... if styled properly. Velvet can be very very bad under most circumstances, but I feel like here, it would work. Slightly shiny, but not excessively so. Other than that it's a pretty simple dress. I think the shoes are pretty sweet. I also notice now that I drew them slightly different sizes... hehe. Oops. I didn't stick with the original colors, as I felt they were a bit too bright. With the fringe and open back, the whole thing would have looked quite garish. In fact I'm considering doing it even darker than it is now... let me know what you think!

Next up...

Fig 2. Golbat dress
I stuck with darker colors on this one too. I decided to go with an ombre theme... I sort of regret not using any fringe. The continuity with Zubat is a little lacking... regardless, I think it's simple, yet interesting. Earrings are fang inspired, and the shoes are black velvet with a large pearl tooth stuck to the back. I want. I decided that I should learn how to make shoes so that I can own all the ones I draw. Brilliant. I don't think my city has any classes for it though... ah well. I'll continue to dream. The black part of the dress would also be black velvet.

Next up, I have an alternate model style I sketched out in about five minutes. It's not polished in any way, shape or form, but I wouldn't mind getting your opinion. I tend to draw most of these models SOMEWHAT anatomically correct. Not 100%... I'm not that dedicated, haha. I do notice with most folks' fashion sketches, they've got these long, distended toothpick models with legs about 3X as long as the appropriate proportion. So I did that! Let me know what you think. I'ma stick with the way I've been doing the dresses up til now, and will only consider switching to this if I get a ton of feedback saying I should. Again, note that this is extremely rough, and any further sketches done in this style would be as polished as the dresses above.

Fig 3. Alternate sketch style.
Copyright Lindsay Aspen 2012

So that about wraps it up for the Pokedresses for today's post. I would like to share with you some of my other work though! I know the Pokedresses have been getting a lot of attention, so I'm going to mooch off that to display some of my other work. I've been working on a Moleskine...

This one. Also, welcome to my room.

It has A LOT of pictures in it.
I have only used these type of pens.
They cost 29 cents each.
Flick yo' Bic
And here are the last 8 or so that I have done! Hope you like. Let me know if you want to keep seeing these on my blog. BTW... all the other ones are over at my DeviantArt account:

So there you have it. Pretty much my entire artistic productivity since September.
Hope you enjoyed!

Lindsay Aspen- 29CentPens


  1. I like the way you originally draw your dresses and models. more realistic. LOL and I think the Moleskine are absolutely awesome. LOL
    :) Also so excited to get to see another drawing, i was about to die there. My boyfriend squealed like a little girl when he found out you posted a new dress. You may have heard of him, he's the one who claimed he was going through withdrawls and mentioned that you had not posted in about 5 weeks. LOL

    1. haha, thanks so much! This comment made my day ^_^

  2. Yahhh!!!! I missed these so much! :D

    And they come with a bonus! I approve. I especially liked the decaying animals one (bio student here...)

    When is your next break coming? Christmas break?

    Also, get some decorations for your room! :P

    1. Yup! Christmas break. also, yay bio! I'm a microbio student.
      And I'm working on the decoration thing!! I recently acquired an easel, so I'm hoping to try my hand at painting so I can liven the place up a bit :)

    2. you would like the rotting flesh. Oh how i remember the date where we walked in a beautiful field only to find it was next to the body farm. LOL oh the memories

  3. For a while, I only used those BICs too. They're pretty great and last soooo looooong. I bought a giant pack of them a few years back for a few dollars and its lasting. Also loving the pokemon dresses. I did a cocktail dress collection based on Godzilla monsters when I was in undergrad. My professor told me it was doomed to fail.