Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sandshrew -- Sandslash

Crazy day with all the Reddit traffic (>60000 views!)! But thanks again for all your awesome comments and helpful criticisms. Those who had negative things to say? Eh. I can deal with it.

I felt a cold coming on today, and it was raining out, so I shelled up inside my home with coffee, soup, tea and orange juice and went to town coloring Sandshrew and Sandslash. I started drawing these two yesterday, while I was working security (basically sitting on my ass doing nothing for 3.5 hours) at my University's first football game. It was freezing out, unfortunately (probably why I caught a cold) and incredibly windy! I was sitting near a parking lot, so kept getting gusts of sand and dirt flying into my hair and face. Interesting coincidence that I was drawing sand-themed pokemon...

Anyways, I digress. Sandshrew is probably my favorite dress so far as it conforms best to my personal style and is something I might actually wear out! I'm not sure why these two made me think of sweaters and knit-wear, but I think it works. I love Sandshrew actually, he was always one of my favorites :)
I had different ideas for the shoes earlier, but decided on something simpler that looks nicer. As with all my pokedresses, click to see a larger version, and please do not use my designs or copy them in any media, thanks!

Fig 1. Sandshrew dress

As I usually do, I made the second evolution, Sandslash, a bit more refined and glamorous than the first. Sort of makes me think of a lion (btw.... not super into the later gen. pokemon.. but are there any lion-y looking pokemon?). Spikes would be leather, and all ornaments are bone (real, or perhaps synthetic, as I do not want to invoke the wrath of PETA...), everything else, wool. In my mind, the dress wouldn't be all one colour, but would instead have little flecks of white and beige in it. I tried to do this on the computer, but just couldn't make it look good. It also probably would have taken about nine hours...

Fig 2. Sandslash dress

So... I'm off to dinner! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. These are so good, both of them (and actually all the dresses in the blog :D)!
    I'd really love to have that Sandshrew dress, he's one of my favourites too and the dress looks very cute and functional.

  2. Looks nice. Out of curiosity, is there a reason your pumps are always so large? im not current enogh with fashion to know if thats a 'thing', but I've noticed all the shoes youve done have been rather large.

    1. There are a couple of reasons: I wanted a bit of continuity through all 151 pokemon, so I settled on one single shoe design to unite them. The current fashion trends I follow (which aren't in vogue, per se) have been tending towards large blocky shoes. Finally, it's just a bit of exaggeration in terms of fashion sketches.

  3. I love the design for the Sandshrew dress! It and the Pikachu dress are definitely my two favorites to date. Although I was wondering if the piece around the neck might work better if it were a scarf instead?

  4. Only one close to a lion is entei for the second Gen as the three dogs are three big cats a lion cheetah and tiger

  5. I would definitely wear either Sandshrew or Pikachu.

  6. I love all these dress designs! I kinda want to make dresses like these. Also Shinx/Luxio/Luxray are based on lions. And I imagine a Luxray dress would be totally awesome.

  7. Well, it's actually a dog, but Arcanine has a great mane and many lion-like characteristics. Not really a true lion, though...