Saturday, 18 August 2012


Bonjour. As it is Saturday and I do not need to go to work, I have decided that I will sit in front of a computer anyways! Cause I'm super fun like that... Today I shall upload almost all the Pokedresses I have, cause I'm an impatient sort of person and would like to begin introducing the most current Pokedresses and hopefully some of my other artwork. I have dresses designed up to Raticate, and up to Beedrill with color, and more coming most days. And I don't feel like talking half a year to get them all up here. After today though, it'll be a once-a-day deal :) For the record, if those of you who do not know what Pokemon are... that is sad. Google it. Anyways, without further ado...

Ivysaur: Ivysaur is a lovely sort of plant pokemon that is uglier than Bulbasaur, yet cuter than Venusaur. It is 002 and comes with vine-age. I stuck with a plant sort of motif, using similar patterns for the skirt as Ivysaur has leaves on it's back. I hid a flower (blatantly, and not very nicely) at the back. There are a lot of silly little details about this dress that I don't like... in fact, I'm mostly proud of how I drew the model.

Fig 1. Ivysaur dress

Venusaur: Quite an ugly dinosaur-type Pokemon that also looks a little like a toad. Not the biggest fan of this dress, although that may only be because I colored it poorly. Very silky and flowy... The shoes look really stupid, and would be a different color in real life.

Fig 2. Venusaur dress

Charmander: Ah, Charmander. Definitely the coolest of the starters. I did a lovely little minidress that would be considered skanky in most circles, but whatevs. Haters gon' hate. I used gold sequins on gold mesh instead of a flame pattern, as those are considered tacky in most circles... but no judgement. If you can rock a flame pattern, congratulations. You are obviously very attractive. 

Fig 3. Charmander dress

Charmeleon: 2nd up in the Flame Pokemon category. He has a lovely large awkward horn that I turned into a similarly large awkward shoulder thing. I hated this one until I colored it, but can deal with it now. Same gold sequins = flames thing going on, and the red wrappy style kind of symbolizes a tail.

Fig 4. Charmeleon dress

Charizard: RAWR EVERYONE'S FAVORITE! Also a hippie dress... because I love Bohemian things. And moar sequins. Charizard also has awkward horns that result in awkward sculptural elements.

Fig 5. Charizard dress

Squirtle: Oh my god this is a long post.... Anyhoo, Squirtle here (Cute little turtle pokemon) is wearing probably the most fantastic shoes ever and I need to one day make them tangible because they're of my favorite painting ever! And if you've never seen The Great Wave, then that is sad. Google it. Now. Seriously... A friend pointed out to me that the shawl thing wouldn't work so great in the back cause of the poofy skirt, so for the record, I would probably redesign it as split down the middle with trains draping off to either side. 

Fig 6. Squirtle dress

Wartortle: Considerably more badass than Squirtle, it makes a very fluffy and lame dress. Eh. I honestly can't see anyone wearing it, but whatever. The colors are also considerably brighter than I would like... see I shy away from color. I like black and brown. I shock people when I wear primary colors... that happens maybe once a year. Also the shoes don't match. 

Fig 7. Wartortle dress

Blastoise: I never like Blastoise....... Animals can't grow guns off their back. Ridiculous... So little nods to his guns in the skirt and arm things. Someone I know described it as a mix between steampunk and medieval... sure, why not. I was thinking more gypsy.

Fig 8. Blastoise dress
Caterpie: What a lame pokemon. Caterpie's only cool when it gets to it's 3rd evolution. Also, these three pokemon have like nothing visual in common so it is a very disjointed line. Still tried to progress from casual(ish) to fancy though. Caterpie probably is my favorite dress, color wise.

Fig 9. Caterpie dress

Metapod: Also a shitty pokemon. It seriously cannot do anything except Harden (hehe..), unless you catch a caterpie and train it to evolve... which no one likes doing cause Caterpie sucks. Metapod is one of my favorite dresses... I think it turned out pretty cool. And everything is one color... seriously, wtf Metapod. Why are you so boring?

Fig 10. Metapod dress

Butterfree: At last, Caterpie's prettiest final evolution, Butterfree. I was never a big fan of Butterfree, actually... until the sentimental episode (single tear). I decided to be very non-creative with the skirt, but the eyeball things on the back I believe are interesting, and would probably look very stupid off of a runway. I should sell one to Lady Gaga...

Fig 11. Butterfree dress
And that's it, that's all! I will upload Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill in a separate post for various reasons. Now, coffee break... 

Lindsay -- 29CentPens

All rights reserved, copyright Lindsay Aspen


  1. Awesome. I'd love to see more of these.

  2. I like butterfree one. Awesome.

  3. Have you looked into getting them made? I would wear the fuck out of them!

  4. Haven't had time... I'd like to sew up mock ups myself so once I get a bit of vacation time, totally!

  5. Wow! These are beautiful. Contrary to what you believe, I love the Wartortle dress. It's my favorite!

  6. this is the most awesome blog i have stumbled upon! great drawings, what incredible designs!

    1. Just curious, not sure how fast this is spreading.. did you actually use StumbleUpon to find it?

    2. your work was posted here:
      with a link to this page. :)

    3. Ah, I'm happy that my blog is being linked to! haha don't want my name lost :) Thanks for the info!

  7. i just love them! please make more :)

  8. Your quite talented approx how much time did you spend on each. I should probably pick up some fashion classes it may help my character costume designs.

    1. Hm, it usually doesn't take me too long to design one... maybe half an hour including drawing the model. Coloring usually takes from 45 mins to an hour depending on the complexity of the garment. I wouldn't recommend spending money on a class... they'll teach you generic basics, not creativity. Your best bet would be to just draw, draw, draw. In your spare time, during class, til 2 am. Whenever. You do it, you love it and then you find your calling. Good luck :)

    2. Yea that's how I used to do it in high school way back when back when I just above decent when comes to everything but humans I struggle with and clothes oh gosh lol but I'm still pretty good on that looking forward to seeing more of your work

  9. I seriously want a butterfree dress it's design is so freaking AMAZING<3

  10. wow. these designs are stunning!!!

  11. I love all these designs, to be honest!