Monday, 21 January 2013

Diglett - Dugtrio

Hurray, more dresses!

Hope you're all having lovely evenings. I'm stressed to the max with school so I decided to give myself a break and upload the two latest (colored) dresses. These are Diglett and Dugtrio. I had many initial qualms about them for pretty obvious reasons. Is Diglett bold and striking? Is Dugtrio?... nope. Brown and rocks, with an odd little nose. That's okay though. I'm always up for a challenge.

Before I do the grand reveal I thought I'd give a bit of a plug for cycling. This weekend was my first training camp of the year with team SBC Redgoat (SBC = Saskatoon Business College). That's what we're calling it for now, anyways. I've mentioned the sponsors before so I won't go over them; however I got the opportunity to become familiar with the Redgoat training facility in Moose Jaw, SK. Redgoat is going to be a huge asset for Moose Jaw! I'm really excited for them and I know business will be booming. The facility is wide open, with plenty of space to fit a team, or for any individual to go and do self-directed training in an excellent environment.The trainers want to be involved in attendee success, which I think is great. All too often I go to a gym absolutely saturated with 'trainers' and gym staff, only to see them hanging out with each other in various corners of the gym. In addition to offering crossfit programs and expert advice, the facility also offers Computrainer sessions. If you're not a huge cycling nerd like me, let me give you the gist of it: A Computrainer essentially allows an outside element (ie. a coach or a program) to affect the intensity of your ride, when riding indoors. You are not 100% in control of your power output. This allows for great testing opportunities (which coaches love, but athletes such as myself loathe and fear), personal strides in willpower, and a good reason to stay on your trainer in those winter months. We had the opportunity to sync training videos along with our rides. A pro-cyclist with a videocamera on his helmet recorded his power output on a ride with his buddies, so that we could ride 'with' them in California or France at their intensity, despite being indoors in Moose Jaw. It was pretty sweet. Don't worry though... the intensity can be dialed down based on your personal fitness level ;)

So all in all, sweet facility. Here's a pic of how the Computrainers are used if you haven't had the faintest clue what I've been talking about. Please note that the on-screen technology is somewhat dated in this image...

Fig 1. The dedicated cyclist... doing his scheduled training
Aight! Sorry for the digression, but this stuff is very interesting to me! Sometimes I wonder if people are bothered by the odd mash-up of athletics, academics and... Pokedresses. Of all things. Am I one-of-a-kind? Does anyone else do this sort of thing?

But on to business. The Diglett dress. As with all my Pokedresses, please do not copy or reproduce without my permissions, and click for a larger image.

Fig 2. Diglett dress
Diglett was kind of fun to draw. I wanted to pay homage to it's shape and did so in two ways. The first is the back. Sort of a cut-out Diglett, don'tcha think? Also the shoes, which aren't serious in any way, shape or form. I would love a pair. Be the cool kid with the Diglett shoes :)
I went with a pretty literal skirt. She wouldn't actually be wearing rocks. I had in mind some sort of crimpy fabric that could be molded to look as though it were rocks. In real-life, I don't imagine I would want the rocks to look quite as separate from eachother as they do in the drawing.

Hope you like! Now Dugtrio. Very similar to Diglett so I pretty much just went formal with it. These two are extremely cohesive, which I don't mind.

Fig 3. Dugtrio dress
Mmm.. ombre rocks :)
So yes, quite classy and formal, with quite a bit of weight to it... Dugtrio is stuck to the ground so even though many gowns nowadays like to focus on being light and airy, I sort of wanted this one to be, well, grounded. I sketched some simple shoes because I didn't want to overload the design. The skirt itself is pretty intense to look at. Paid homage to the Dugtrio silhouette with the dress shape on the back.

I'm exhausted. I could say more, but I'm tired. And I'm sure you're all bored with this by now anyway.
Have yourselves a good one! Meowth and Persion up next.

Lindsay - 29CentPens

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Venonat - Venomoth

iHola todos!

I have begun studying Spanish again! Very exciting. In the Canadian school system, it is mandatory to study French in elementary school (grades kindergarten - 8) as French is our second language. I hate french. J'deteste le francais. No me gusta nada la lengua francia. None of my siblings like French either, so my mom and dad took matters into their own hands. They enrolled us in Spanish lessons. They were on Saturday, 8:30 til 1:00, every week. Any ordinary kid would have been fed up with that, but my siblings and I loved it. We learned all sorts of interesting things and after 3 years in the program, my brother and I could speak Spanish better than the adults enrolled in the class. We stopped our studies once I hit grade 7, but upon entering high school, I was able to take advanced spanish classes in grade 9. Since then, Spanish had been ingrained in my lifestyle. I quit my studies in my second year of university, in first term of last year when I was unsure what direction I was going to take with my studies. After a year off, I am finding it a little difficult to remember everything... yikes. Necesito tener las characteristicas de un buen estudiante. Necesito repasor todas las noches, hacer mi tarea, y pensar en espanol.
***I need to have the characteristics of a great student. I need to study every night, do my homework and think in spanish.

That was a long story about nothing. You want Pokedresses. Let's have'em.
As with all my dresses, click for a larger, more detailed view and please do not copy or reproduce with out my permissions. Thanks!


Fig 1. Venonat dress
I was experimenting with my scanner, and decided to scan the lineart with the highest dpi possible (600). Ridiculous resolution. I think it created more problems than solutions for me though. I use the fill tool a lot for large blocks of color, and the extremely high resolution meant that every pixel was considered when filling in the image. My Sketchbook program crashed several times, and was really annoying. Grr. So the image is a little blurry. I think you'll get the gist of it though.
About that dress though. 
Honestly Venonat is one of those Pokemon that I'd sooner leave than take. This is the second dress I designed for this Pokemon. The first was a furry sort of jacket, with kind of a horizontally textured skirt and gloves. Waaay to sophisticated for Venonat. I showed it to my Mom today though and she liked it more than this one, so maybe I'll do an updated Venonat. Or I could do round 2 with the first 150... Anyways, I took things down a notch with dress 2, a high-waisted number that was meant to be more cute than sexy. I like the accessories a lot, but the shoes look like raspberries to me... something about the pores. In real life, I think they'd look good. Looking at it now, I think I should have used a redder color. The shoes and top are sort of magenta-y pinkish and it doesn't sit too well with me. 
But look! Furry skirt! With pearls or some other white, non sparkly gem in it. I like furry things. Mmmm. Softness. I bought a great fur vest when I was in California this year. I'm still too scared to wear it. One day. 

Venomoth! I choose you!
...not actually. Venomoth is another one I probably wouldn't want in my lineup. I acknowledge that poison and sleep techniques are deadly, but venomoth just doesn't look that cool. 

Fig 2. Venomoth dress
Ta da! Another blurry-ish image. I apologize. This one is detailed, so the blurriness is too bad. I designed this one thinking about moths. Moths flutter and flit about, with little direction, so I wanted to do something whimsical. It's one of those business in the back/party in the front type of dresses. I used the pattern from Venomoth's thorax for the fabric, and overlayed, transparent moth wings. For the moth wing designs, straps and back of the shoes, I used a silvery embroidery, that would shimmer more than I was able to depict here.

Hope you like them!
Lindsay - 29CentPens

Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello to anyone who reads this!
I want to wish you all a happy new year, and I hope that you all had a great holiday over the past few weeks. I don't have any new dresses to put up today, so I thought I would bore you all with details from my life, and the status of my current work.

I've started to get commissions! This is very exciting for me. In past posts, I mentioned one of my biggest projects, which is to fill up my Moleskine notebook back to back with unique drawings all in black ballpoint pen. I've received a very positive response to these from my friends and family, many of whom were interested in purchasing individual drawings. The trouble with this, is that the notebook isn't finished, and all the images are back to back. An artistic sin, I know... but I like to break rules. I don't think getting prints done would be an ideal solution, as very few people are interested in the same pieces, and I'm not sure a single print per image would result in much revenue. My solution? I have begun to completely redraw some in an enlarged state. In addition to this, I don't use my cheap little Bic pens. I bought some great ink tools, the Pigma Micron pens by Sakura Color Products Corp. The end result is an original artwork, with very high clarity and the option to add color! Something I would never do in the originals, but if asked for, would gladly comply in a reproduced original.

As for the Pokedresses, I am currently drawing Persian. This means that I have 5 (soon to be 6) dresses in lineart that just need to be scanned and colored. Get ready internet, they're coming! Diglett and Dugtrio were especially interesting to deal with... Another sneak peak: Meowth and Persian are heavily Egyptian-inspired for obvious reasons. Another exciting thing coming up in the next couple weeks, will be the Arcanine tuxedo/suit/whatever-menswear-combo I come up with. Whenever I post new dresses, I tend to get a good response from males, which does surprise me! A lot of "I would totally love it if my girlfriend wore that!", or "Coming from a dude, I think these are awesome!". A couple people have gotten back to me and asked if I could design tuxedos or suits for them, and recently Arcanine came up.

So yes. Look forward to that. I'm terrified. Menswear is tough. Society seems to mandate that only females can wear extremely whimsical and non-traditional designs without looking strange.

The last bit of news I have for you all is in regards to cycling! As some of you may or may not have gathered, I love to race my bike and I have two exciting ventures coming my way in the new year. The first is that I will be joining my first team this summer. The team is sponsored by a few different companies, namely Red Goat Sports; a Saskatchewan based training centre for multiple sports, including hockey and cycling, Kenda; a multi-purpose tire company (you name it, they got it... automobile tires, bike tires wheelchair tires etc), Fluid; a hydration, performance and training fuel system, Louis Garneau; a multi-purpose cycling venture specializing in bikes, apparel, and gear for several different sports including snowshoeing and speed skating, Big Sky Cycles; the team shop located in Regina SK, and Total Athlete; a sophisticated physical and mental training system to maximize athlete potential through a series of programs and symposiums. I will be splitting my time between this team and Team Sask throughout the summer, racing across the country and finally culminating in the 2013 Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke, Quebec. I'll be focusing mainly on the road race and criterium events for road cycling, but may venture into mountain biking if my province requires more females to fill the team.

The second exciting piece of news in regards to cycling, is my acceptance to the women's Canadian National Team camp in Seneca, South Carolina. I'll be booking my flights tonight, and I'll be leaving February 8th. I'm very excited, as this will be the first step for me towards putting a maple leaf on my back... one day, if I keep working hard.

First, I have to get rid of this damn cold. Time for soup and sleep.

Lindsay - 29CentPens

Friday, 21 December 2012

Paras - Parasect

Hello! I have more dresses today :)
Paras and Parasect.
It's been awhile, and I acknowledge that. Sorry to anyone who follows this blog... but finals are over as of yesterday! This morning I binged on art, and it felt great. I got a couple of commissions in the past few weeks, so that's very exciting. Finished up one of them this morning... it's of a ninja. Possibly a pic of it on here eventually, but we'll see. I got my hands on a sweet scanner at school this week, so the image quality should be better. The scan for Paras went a little dark on the side, but I think the image integrity is fine.
So on to business, Paras and Parasect dresses. As with all my Pokedresses, click for a larger view, and please do not copy or reproduce without my permissions.

Fig 1. Paras dress
Swiss-army boyfriend actually had a big part in designing this one!.. and he's quite talented, I must say. I was really stuck on Paras. My first sketch was sort of pageant-y, prom-esque... didn't look very good. Wasn't very unique. He helped with the placement of the mushrooms as well as the corset style top. I decided to have a bit of a continuation with the sort of dress I did for Venusaur, with a transparent maxi over spotted briefs. Another one for Lady Gaga, I suppose. Orange is one of my favorite colours, so I really like this one.

Fig 2. Parasect dress
I'm pretty sure Parasect is my favorite dress so far. It speaks to my personal style the best out of any of them... although I'm not so sure you'd be able to catch me wearing such a risque slit. Now that I look at it, it kind of reminds me of Angelina Jolie's dress she wore at the Oscar's. Haha, and that odd pose she struck... 
I'd imagine the material would be crushed velvet, and that would help with getting the subtle spots on the hood and upper portion of the dress. I neglected to include any orange... I think with this one, the interest lies in the cut of the dress, and not what embellishments I could have added (accents that would correspond with Paras's arthropod-like legs and pincers). Orange probably wouldn't have looked very good with the dress color and I didn't want to overcomplicate things, but I did pay homage to it's pupil-less eyes with pearl encrusted shoes.

And I suppose that's it! I don't remember who's up next, but be expecting new dresses shortly (like within a week)! I've been so deprived of artistic license with pen and paper that I need to catch up and overdose on some inkwork. 

Lindsay Aspen -- 29CentPens

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bic Drawing Bonanza


Short post today. Finals start this week, and I have a biggie tomorrow in Immunology. I don't have any Pokedresses to show you today (little bit stuck on Paras..), so I thought I would put up some different content: a few more of the drawings in the Moleskine from a couple posts back.

These are all completed entirely in black Bic pens. I learned something sad the other day though... apparently Bic ink isn't archival, so in a number of years, all of these drawings will have disappeared. The ink will fade, run and go through the pages eventually... Shame. I've put a lot of hours into them.

Hope you enjoy!

Loaves and Fishes: Kind of a long story. I have interesting teammates. Keep an eye out for Ezekiel 24:7

Evil: When I don't know what to draw, I just draw people and/or animals

My Destinations: Some Australian symbolism for the places in the world I want to go the most, as well as their respective animals

The Interior Decorator: Another of those 'I don't know what to draw' moments. I get tired of doing people sometimes, it feels repetitive... so I forced myself to do furniture. I like it.

Legacy: This is the very middle half of my notebook. I kind of wanted it to make it look like creativity (the white circle) was being passed from one arts to another. I hope that I'm growing as a person while doing this book, and that by halfway, the next artist in me will be waking up a bit. Also, I like whales. Should have added a flowerpot.... (anyone who gets the flowerpot thing is awesome ;) )

Hack: Just a drawing I suppose. There was no real thought that went into it... just wanted to make it look cool.

La Meccanica Piccoli: Birds riding bikes... aw yeah. My teammates tend to like this one :)

Tragic: I know the physics are off on this one... but I juxtaposed it in the way I thought looked best. I saw a deer get hit during a bike ride one day. It was extremely sad.

Micrograph: It's bacteria. Probably because I'm a micro major.

Nightmares: Just doodling.

For The Tourists: I went to Egypt a few years ago, and we all decided to go to the zoo one day. We all lasted maybe 5 minutes, and saw the elephants with massive chains around their legs so they had a movement range of about 5 centimetres. It was horrible. Most of us left in tears. This was the Cairo zoo... I know most zoo's treat their animals well, have large enclosures and ensure the well-being and comfort of their animals, but the Cairo zoo doesn't.

Well, I suppose that's it for today. If you got this far, thanks for reading! I'm going to go study now... ugh.

Lindsay Aspen - 29CentPens

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Oddish - Gloom - Vileplume


So yesterday I lounged around in my PJs with my dog, ate dry chow mein noodles and broccoli for dinner, watched old Project Runway episodes and designed these three guys. This morning, I lounged around in my PJs with my dog, ate dry chow mein noodles for breakfast, fought with my parents' scanner, watched more old Project Runway episodes and colored the dresses. I have been super productive this weekend...
I really enjoyed the process of coming up with the Oddish series! They're very interesting Pokemon, morphologically! Also, the colors are absolutely stellar... especially the dark red and blue combo on Gloom and Vileplume. There were a couple of elements that I stuck with through the evolutions... one being a darker blue skirt that gets more and more covered up as the Pokemon evolve further (indicative of a flower growing and obscuring the stalk as it gets bigger). Another one was a shimmery sequin thing... it's not so much present in the Gloom dress, as that would have overcomplicated things, but is present in both Oddish and Vileplume. As with all my Pokedresses, click for a larger image, and please do not copy or reproduce without my permissions :)

So. Here is Oddish.

Fig 1. Oddish dress

Initially, I wasn't going to do a sleeve, and instead do some sort of dark blue legging... it did not work so well. It made the whole outfit look incredibly childish and hipster (interesting combo, but it happened...). So I went with a sequined sleeve. The top is very structured, and comes from Oddish's leaves. The red gems on the back of its shoes are indicative of it's eyes.... in hindsight they probably could have been left out, but I feel like there needed to be something there.

Next up, Gloom! (And my favorite of these three, I think)...

Fig 2. Gloom dress
Gloom has these interesting little organic tendrils underneath its budding flower. I used these as the main part of the dress, trying to stick with a very structured feel up top. To make the top and bottom a little more cohesive, I used some purple ribbing (color and shape comes from Gloom's lips). I wasn't going to initially add the blue skirt underneath, but decided it was a good idea when I realized it was a good way to lend some cohesiveness to the series, as well as make it a little more professional, and a little less vulgar. One of the more prominent characteristics of Gloom, is the constant presence of drool coming out of its mouth. Mm, pleasant. So I used it on the shoes. They look a little like icicles, but that's okay. I still think they're cool. I wouldn't style the dress with these shoes, I don't think. A dark red or purple would be much nicer.

On to Vileplume! (coming in at a close second for my favorite of this series)

Fig 3. Vileplume

Unfortunately with Vileplume, the morphological characteristics turn a little less interesting. I wanted to keep things structured up top, as well as a bit more sleek. I wanted to give the impression of volume, without compromising a streamlined looking. This turned into a wide sleeved, peplum sort of garment, with an orange zipper down the back. I like the cutouts, and only added them to help create a more interesting back. I did sort of an ombre sequin thing with the body of the dress, because I wanted some way to break up the monotony of the top. With one single solid color, it wasn't very interesting. I also wanted a way to incorporate the dots present on the pokemon's flower, without being too literal. I again dealt with some inner turmoil on adding the blue skirt underneath, but I think that it makes the whole look a lot more professional, and less vulgar. The orange accessories come from the little ring present on the top of Vileplume's flower.
I might go back to this one later, and just neaten up the outlines I wrecked when doing the sequin art. 

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed! ...And I love feedback, so if you have anything to say, please let me know in the comments :)
45 done! Only 105 more to go... Wow. That seems like a lot. Good thing I enjoy this!

Lindsay Aspen - 29CentPens

Friday, 16 November 2012

Zubat - Golbat... plus bonus alternate style!

OMG. It's been way too long. Someone commented about a week ago just to reinforce the fact that I haven't posted in about 5 weeks, so I suppose that makes it 6 weeks now... yikes. Sorry about that. I blame school! I've had quite a bit on my plate the past month and a half or so, between constant midterms, assignments, labs and a trip to California to present my summer research (It was on primary healthcare accessibility, for those interested). I finally got to sit down this week for a couple hours and sketch out the 'bat' dresses! I wasn't super keen on either of them when I first drew them, and even started sketching alternate designs. Ultimately, the first ones were the best I came up with, so they're the ones I'll be showing you today. Towards the end of this post, I'm also going to show you an alternate drawing style, as well as some of the recent 'real' artworks in my Moleskine... so stay tuned. Don't want any of these TL:DR comments...
As with all my pokedresses, click on 'em for a larger view, and please do not copy or reproduce without my permissions :)

So without further ado... Zubat!

Fig 1. Zubat dress

Aight. So I gave Zubat some fringe for wings. When bats sleep, they curl their wings around them, which was sort of the inspiration for the wrap style I've got going on here. In terms of material, I would say velvet would be nice... I feel like it's coming back a little bit... if styled properly. Velvet can be very very bad under most circumstances, but I feel like here, it would work. Slightly shiny, but not excessively so. Other than that it's a pretty simple dress. I think the shoes are pretty sweet. I also notice now that I drew them slightly different sizes... hehe. Oops. I didn't stick with the original colors, as I felt they were a bit too bright. With the fringe and open back, the whole thing would have looked quite garish. In fact I'm considering doing it even darker than it is now... let me know what you think!

Next up...

Fig 2. Golbat dress
I stuck with darker colors on this one too. I decided to go with an ombre theme... I sort of regret not using any fringe. The continuity with Zubat is a little lacking... regardless, I think it's simple, yet interesting. Earrings are fang inspired, and the shoes are black velvet with a large pearl tooth stuck to the back. I want. I decided that I should learn how to make shoes so that I can own all the ones I draw. Brilliant. I don't think my city has any classes for it though... ah well. I'll continue to dream. The black part of the dress would also be black velvet.

Next up, I have an alternate model style I sketched out in about five minutes. It's not polished in any way, shape or form, but I wouldn't mind getting your opinion. I tend to draw most of these models SOMEWHAT anatomically correct. Not 100%... I'm not that dedicated, haha. I do notice with most folks' fashion sketches, they've got these long, distended toothpick models with legs about 3X as long as the appropriate proportion. So I did that! Let me know what you think. I'ma stick with the way I've been doing the dresses up til now, and will only consider switching to this if I get a ton of feedback saying I should. Again, note that this is extremely rough, and any further sketches done in this style would be as polished as the dresses above.

Fig 3. Alternate sketch style.
Copyright Lindsay Aspen 2012

So that about wraps it up for the Pokedresses for today's post. I would like to share with you some of my other work though! I know the Pokedresses have been getting a lot of attention, so I'm going to mooch off that to display some of my other work. I've been working on a Moleskine...

This one. Also, welcome to my room.

It has A LOT of pictures in it.
I have only used these type of pens.
They cost 29 cents each.
Flick yo' Bic
And here are the last 8 or so that I have done! Hope you like. Let me know if you want to keep seeing these on my blog. BTW... all the other ones are over at my DeviantArt account:

So there you have it. Pretty much my entire artistic productivity since September.
Hope you enjoyed!

Lindsay Aspen- 29CentPens